The Americans Episode 10!

Howdy Y’all!

So the big news this week is I announce the winner of The Contest of a Lifetime! Ready? *drumroll*

Congratulations Bryan James! You are now burdened with putting up with me for the rest of your life! Or my life! It all depends on which one of us kicks the bucket first!

Yep, Bryan James wins a signed, personalized copy of every book I print from now until Death comes a’kockin’!

There are also 5 winners of a signed copy of DEAD MECH in print and 10 winners of the DEAD MECH PDF. I’ll be emailing everyone soon.

Once again, congrats Bryan!

And speaking of signed copies, be sure and click the page above and order your signed copy of DEAD MECH or Bethany And The Zombie Jesus. Heck, order them both! I’ll sign those bad boys and mail ’em right to ya.

For now, though, enjoy The Americans Episode 10


Show Notes:

All music by Kevin MacLeod at

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  1. This is Bryan, Thanks Jake, I look forward to the dead tree goodness, although I’ll most likely also be buying a copy or two of each as well and in Ebook format. Wouldn’t want to smudge the sig now would I?

    See ya on twitter

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