The Americans On Short Hiatus

Hello Friends, Fans, Family and Enemies!

I am sure some of you have noticed that a new episode of The Americans was not released this weekend. This is because I am going to have to put The Americans on hiatus for the moment. Unfortunately, Life has gotten in the way and I do not have time to record, edit, produce, post any new episodes. I should have new ones up in a month or so.

Many of you know that I took time off from podcasting last summer. It was much needed. This summer I tried to cram everything in, but there is just no way to do it. If anyone is disappointed I will gladly refund your money. In fact, it has already been deposited into your bank account! (That’s a joke for those of you that just got confused. The podcast is free, hence the “automatic” refund.)

The number one reason I am taking a break is that I need to focus my time on getting the actual written novel fully done and formatted for ebook release (and print release later down the line). This is very time consuming and I can only handle it part time since I have that Day Job thingy to deal with. I hope to have the ebook available by the end of September, but I make no promises. Life is busy, crazy, chaotic and expensive. I have to tackle Life first, writing second.

I thank everyone for their understanding with this.



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