Big Ass Blog Post!

It’s been a while since I last had a good blog post about whatever. In the past I’d write about stuff I was getting fired up about, mainly publishing. But, you know what? Those rants would get me in trouble. Sure, I’d have people cheering me on, but more often I’d have folks inject their own take on things as if I’d said those things and then an argument (based 100% on misunderstanding) would ensue.

No fun.

So, today, I am gonna just write about what’s going on currently with me. My books, my future projects, working with my agent, the podcast, book sales, some insights I’ve had personally into writing in the digital age. Good stuff. Feel free to comment. Feel free to start up a dialogue. But just know that these are my thoughts. That’s all. Just thoughts. And my thoughts change constantly. The Jake that was babbling nonsense way back in 2009 when I launched my first podcast is not the same Jake as today. And Jake today will not be the same tomorrow. I make no guarantees, I have no sacred cows, and I’m subject to the same Fates as all humans. Life changes, I just go with the flow.

As some of you may know, The Americans is now available as an ebook. Click the fancy linky link right HERE to get more info. Go do it now. Don’t worry, I’ll be here when you get back. ….back already? Excellent! The Americans is $4.99. What a bargain! And to celebrate the launch of The Americans I have dropped DEAD MECH down to $2.99. Super bargain! Go get you some!

Now, I am more than just a post-apocalyptic zombie writer. I’m also a YA/Teen post-apocalyptic zombie writer! Yep, as some of you may know, I wrote a zombie novel aimed for the young adult and teen crowd. What does that mean? Does that mean there’s no crazy Jake Bible violence? Of course not! Peoples gone get dead! But, it does mean that there’s no sex or major cursing. I know it’s hard to believe. Jake wrote a book where characters don’t use four letter words every other word? It’s true. I do have restraint.

I bring this novel up because it’s a novel I submitted out in the wide, wide world in order to find representation. I found that representation and it has been about nine months since the shopping to publishers began. The result? Some excellent rejections. While editors liked my writing, liked the originality, liked the action, humor, dialogue, they just didn’t see it as a fit for them. They didn’t fully connect to the story or characters or they couldn’t figure out if it would be saleable or not. Bummer. But we persevere.

You want to know what the book is about? Check out the synopsis for Little Dead Man right HERE. It’s a very original idea and take on the zombie genre. I really think the target market I’m going for, kids 10-18, will love this book! Hell, even adults will love this book! But editors aren’t biting. How can we change that? How do we show editors that this is the book to take a chance on? My son (age 12) and his pals freaking love the book. I used them as a test market. They are dying for it to come out in print. I have a feeling some of you will be dying for it also. I am brainstorming ideas to get exposure and editor interest. Any thoughts are welcome.

I know a few of you are wondering why I don’t just podcast the novel. That’s simple: podcasting is a time suck. I don’t mean that podcasting sucks, which it doesn’t, it just means I do not have the leisure of spending the time recording/editing/releasing a new podcast. In fact, The Americans will probably be my last podcast for a while. I know I have said I would podacst all of my fiction forever. Please see the beginning of this post. Things change. In order to be a successful writer I actually have to write. Well, my life has changed in the past two years, including how my time is divided. That means, unless I can end up writing full time, I won’t have time to continue podcasting my fiction. Don’t get me wrong, I love podcasting. When I have the time. I don’t anymore. So the podcasting of Jake Bible fiction may end after the last episode of The Americans. Maybe. We shall see.

Okay, if I’m not podcasting then what am I doing with my time? Easy. I’m writing. I am currently working on a trilogy of novellas. Stark, Rash and Done are three novellas that don’t have zombies, ray guns, vampires, ghouls, spaceships or anything scifi, fantasy or supernatural. They are crime/thriller fiction that is heavy on the ultra-violence. I do mean ultra-violence. Not YA stuff at all. I am hoping my fans will like this new project and also that it will get me a foothold in the crime/thriller genre that dominates the bestseller lists. Because genre is key. Take a look at the Kindle Top 100. Notice anything? Yep, it’s filled with crime/thrillers and romance/erotica. Or “paranormal romance” as some call it. But, let’s be honest, just because one of the characters is a lusty bloodsucker doesn’t take away the lusty part. It’s romance/erotica folks. Just with fangs, fur and fairy dust.

I digress. Let’s get back to Stark. It’s brutal, folks. I do mean brutal. There are more throats slight in the first 6,000 words than in all 136,000 words of DEAD MECH. Good times. It really has a great pulp feel to it, but with a contemporary edge. A very sharp edge. Will it be successful? I hope so. I plan on releasing each novella as an ebook and then putting all together in a mass paperback print version. Pulpy goodness. Want to know what the series is about? Click HERE for the descriptions of all three. Be warned: these descriptions can change at any time. I make no promises. Ever.

I have quite a few more projects I’d like to do. Once I have more time. How does a YA novel that pits Ghouls and Fae against each other with humans in the middle? Where the Ghouls and Fae use human proxies to settle their disputes for them? How about if the human proxies have to fight gladiator style, whether in a huge arena or in some nasty backroom? Yeah, I want to read that one too.

Or, what about a Jake Bible take on gargoyles? You know, where the world has been overrun with demons and the surviving population must find sanctuary in buildings protected by gargoyles. Gargoyles that have come alive and are ready to kick some serious demon ass! I have a title for this one: Stone Cold Bastards. Not YA. Not at all.

Gosh, and don’t let me forget about the all important third and final book in the Apex Trilogy. You’ve read DEAD MECH (go buy it if you haven’t, I’ll wait). You’ve heard The Americans (go buy it to read now, again, I’ll wait). Now you are clamoring for Metal And Ash. This book will bring the first two together in one hellish conclusion. No sacred cows, folks. Characters will die. Beloved characters.

Plus, I have all kinds of other ideas for releasing short stories, drabbles, writing screenplays, stage plays and even some graphic novels and comic books. So many freaking ideas!

Now, how about book sales. They are so-so. Very so-so. My fault. I stepped away from social media for a couple months in order to complete a freelance project that actually paid. So I wasn’t out hustling for sales. I also had the podcast on hiatus since I moved and didn’t have the equipment set up. No shilling over the internet equals poor sales. But, is that all? Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe I just hit the saturation point with readers. Maybe I need to up my game and really start to market and hustle. But that means less time for writing. And as several successful writers have said over the years, “The best marketing for your book is to write another and release it.” I think that’s what I’m gonna do. If y’all have other ideas that don’t take away from my writing time then I am all ears! Well, maybe not all ears. I have feet too. And hands. And hair. And a…nevermind.

One thing I do have is an agent to help me. I have sent her DEAD MECH and The Americans. Hopefully those will find a home. I’d love to get my writing traditionally published. I know I heard a few gasps there, but it’s true. Why? Because even if it doesn’t mean an equitable share of the revenue, it does mean exposure. And exposure is how you get books like DEAD MECH noticed by Hollywood. And you all want DEAD MECH noticed by Hollywood, right? I thought so. So, my agent will be pounding the pavement looking for a home for DEAD MECH and The Americans. How can you help her? By writing reviews on Amazon. Writing lots of reviews. Fill those stars out! The more reviews the better. So go to it, DEAD MECH fans! Go write that review you’ve been putting off! For the betterment of mankind!

Hollywood? Yes, Hollywood. My first love. Did you know I took a year of film school? My first dream was to be a film director. Why? Because I thought it would be easier than writing. I was an idiot. Not that writing is easy. It ain’t. But being a film director is freaking hard. Plus expensive. So I walked away. But I never forgot that dream. I do plan on writing screenplays. The more exposure my writing gets then the better chance of my screenplays getting noticed. That would be good. Very good. I mean, who doesn’t want to watch a film written and/or directed by Jake Bible? Can you imagine? I can. Oh, yes, I can.

What does any of this mean? I have no freaking idea. Not a clue. And I don’t think anyone else does. Or ever will. Here’s the rub: we live in a digital age that has changed the face of publishing. But it’s still a face. With eyes, a nose, a mouth, cheeks, eyebrows. Yep, and every face is unique to every writer. Just like it has been since the dawn of storytelling. So, I’m just gonna keep on keeping on, write a bunch of stuff, publish a bunch of stuff, and hope it all leads to my dreams coming true. That way I can share those dreams in words and give back those words to all of you. Because as self-centered as writing is, it’s all about you. Not me. You.



PS: How would y’all feel about me posting a weekly blog on my writing, my progress, my experiences, my thoughts? Would you read? Would you care? Chime in!

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