New fiction for sale! New red hot fiction for sale!

Hey Folks!

This is just a quick update, y’all. I’ll post a more comprehensive “What’s In Store For 2012” post later in the month.

But, for now, let’s talk about some new fiction I have available.

As many of you know, The Americans is done as a podcast. The last episode dropped on Monday. But did you know that you can order it in print and ebook? No? Well, you can! Just click the BUY THE FICTION link above and choose the retailer of your choice. Or click the BUY SIGNED PRINT COPIES link above to get it from me. I’ll ship it right to you with my autograph! How nifty!

Looking for something else other than my outstanding novels? Something new? Well check out The Man With No Face”! It’s a little bit of horror western I cooked up. See that big picture to the right? The book cover over there? Click it! It’ll take you to the Amazon page. It’s also available for Nook and from Smashwords. You can use the BUY THE FICTION link above to get to those.

What’s “The Man With No Face” about? Well, here’s the description:

“Tortured, murdered and ready for revenge, The Man With No Face sets off across the West to find the Union soldiers that killed his kin and stole his skin! Nothing will stop him, nothing can stop him, for he has made a deal that will let him live forever. And he is willing to take that long, if need be, to track down his prey and end the evil that made him The Man With No Face.”

It’ll be the first in a series I plan on releasing throughout 2012.

Well, that’s about it for now. Just a quick update on the Commerce of Jake!

Cheers, y’all!

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