2012: The Freakin’ Plan

So, I had this huge doc all written up about what I planned to do this year and why I have so little time to do it all. Then I read it over (a couple thousand words) and realized it was all shite. I was just whining. And you know what? I have nothing to whine about.

Am I rich? No, but I’m working on it. Am I able to write full time? No, but I’m working on that too. Do my readers give a shit about my anxieties, fears, doubts? Hell no! That’s wussy talk!

So this is the post you get to read. I’m going to list a few things I want to do this year and maybe y’all can leave some comments on what you think. Let’s dialogue this bitch, yo!

Here we go:

Just finished a new YA novel called Intentional Haunting. It’s off to my agent for review and suggestions. As soon as I get input back I’ll tweak that novel and hopefully we can be shopping to publishers soon.

Starting a new novel, but under a pen name. Why? Because it’s paranormal romance and while you guys may want to read it, having it under a different name will make it more commercially viable. I.e. I am not a woman and women writers sell more romance. Them’s the breaks. However, the pen name may accidentally be leaked in the future. You never know. This is a fun one, though, and I’m having a blast writing it.

My agent is shopping The Americans to scifi publishers. If that sells then maybe DEAD MECH will be next and we can get the whole Apex Trilogy into mass release. That would be sweet! If you want to help with this then please either purchase The Americans now, so sales numbers look good for publishers, or go leave a review. Reviews help! Oh, and if you feel like emailing your favorite scifi publisher to tell them why The Americans is a kick-ass book they need to publish then go right ahead!

Gonna finish writing Rash, the sequel to Stark, and should have the new Kickstarter campaign up in the next few months. This novella is going to take more work and funding so it may not be released until end of summer or early fall. We shall see! Feel free to review Stark if you haven’t already!

I am in the planning stages of Metal and Ash, the third book in the Apex Trilogy. I have to outline this one since it will be epic. I am guessing it will clock in at around 150,000 words. There will be so much going on! Look for this novel in late fall or early winter. Hopefully before the holiday season!

In addition to Metal and Ash, I have at least two more novels I plan to write this year. One will be scifi in the Vonnegut and Huxley category. Lots of satire, social commentary, and just crazy mayhem. I also plan on delving into post-apocalyptic, urban fantasy. I have a name for this novel and it will pretty much write itself once I get going. What is it? The title is Stone Cold Bastards and it is about how the world has ended, demons rule it all, except for Sanctuaries that are protected by gargoyles. Yep, gargoyles. Bad-ass gargoyles. This will be fun.

I plan on podcasting another novel, probably one of my YA ones. I’ll post about that later. But do expect more audio fiction from me in the next few months. No specific date yet, but more will be coming.

Other than that? Who knows, really. If I have the time I’ll write my butt off. There may be more novellas in my horror western series, The Man With No Face. There could be more short stories. There could be a print and ebook release of my Friday Night Drabble Party drabbles. All possible, but not guaranteed.

So, feel free to comment, ask questions, throw monkey poo. I’m here, I’m writing, and I’m having fun!



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