Friday Night Drabble Party!

It’s baaaaaaaack!

Time to get your Party on! I know y’all have been in serious drabble withdrawal. My bad. I’m a horrible pusher.

What I am good at is writing! Writing novels specifically!
What does this have to do with the Drabble Party? Not much except that I have just released Metal and Ash, the third book in the Apex Trilogy. And that trilogy started with DEAD MECH, which is a novel written entirely in drabbles! So it all fits, really…

Don’t know what Metal and Ash is? Check this out HERE!

I think y’all will totally dig this new novel. It is an epic finale for sure. So get ya a copy!

Now, what about tonight’s drabble? Well, it is part of a concept and character I’m working with for a new novel idea down the line. I say “down the line” because I have at least three other novels to write first.


Before Dark


Disclaimer: Flesh confetti!

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