Friday Night Drabble Party!

So, before we get started with the Party I want to talk about Little Dead Man.

Little Dead Man is my Young Adult novel that I finished back in January 2011, but just released last month. It is a rip-roaring action/adventure thriller set in post-apocalyptic Oregon years after a zombie virus has nearly wiped out humanity. It centers around Garret and Garth Weir. Garret is a strapping seventeen year old that has had to deal with an interesting problem: Garth, his conjoined twin, is dead. Or “undead” as the case may be. Garth was dead at birth, but since Garret and Garth share blood vessels and part of their spine, Garth can’t be removed. Not with the lack of medical facilities in that post-apocalyptic world. Instead, Garret has had to learn to live with a zombie Garth attached to him. It has presented challenges, but like all siblings, they work through it.

Little Dead Man is written for middle school and up. It has a lot of action and some zombie violence, but is free of offensive language and naughty bits. My daughter is in fifth grade and currently reading it. My son is in eight grade and loved it, as did many of his friends when I shared the first draft.

So if Little Dead Man sounds like something for your young adult reader then get in on it quick while there’s time before the holidays! Links are below to the many different retailers where it is available as an ebook and in print. You can even get a signed print copy directly from me!


Barnes and Noble-



Signed Trade Paperback-

So there you have it, folks. Little Dead Man is ready for you to check out and give to that special young adult reader in your house! Or for you, too. It’s a hell of a lot of fun to read.

Now, in honor of Little Dead Man, tonight’s drabble is set in that universe. It gives you just a taste of what goes on between conjoined twins when one is alive and one is undead.


Those Odds


Disclaimer: Not my fault if you get hooked. Well, okay, maybe it is my fault a little…

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