Jake On Jake: 2013- The Year of Romance!

Jake: Happy New Year!

Jake: Thanks, buddy!

Jake: You looking forward to 2013?

Jake: I am. Very much.

Jake: You were pretty productive in 2012. You think you can top that in 2013?

Jake: Oh, I know I can. I will probably write and publish at least four novels this year.

Jake: Whaaaaaaa?

Jake: Yep. Gonna be writing my butt off.

Jake: But Metal and Ash was 152k words. How can you write four novels that size?

Jake: Oh, I can’t. I plan on writing some smaller novels. Mainly in the romance genre.

Jake: *chokes* Did you say…romance?

Jake: Yep. That shouldn’t be surprising. I’ve been writing romance/erotica for a couple years now under a couple pen names. Those titles have actually been my bread and butter, outselling my Jake Bible titles for quite a while there.

Jake: Ok, so you’re not just jumping on the 50 Shades bandwagon then?

Jake: Nope. In fact one of my pen names helped establish the self-published erotica market. Then Amazon changed the rules and novels started outselling short stories. I’m done with short stories and will focus on short novels.

Jake: But you’re known for science fiction/thriller/horror. How can you expect romance to be successful?

Jake: You ever notice anything about my novels? They all have strong female protagonists. And the great thing about writing romance is that it isn’t much different than anything else. I just substitute sex for action. Instead of people busy blasting away with guns they’re busy getting busy. A good story is about the characters.

Jake: But what about your core audience?

Jake: I just released two novels at the end of 2012 for them. I’ll have the Metal and Ash podcast releasing this week. Plus, I’m working on the DEAD MECH graphic novel script. And I will be writing some more Jake Bible scifi/thriller/horror goodness. But romance pays the bills. And there be plenty of those.

Jake: Will any of the romance stuff be under your name? Uh, our name…

Jake:  One will. Well, it’ll be under JD Bible. Initials sell better. The rest will be under a couple of different pen names.

Jake: Will your fans be able to know those pen names?

Jake: Maybe. If they are paying attention. I’ll certainly be hinting at one name.

Jake: Oooh, oooh, oooh! Can you tell me now?

Jake: Nope. Not yet.

Jake: Bummer. So what else do you have planned?

Jake: That will probably take up most of my year. I do plan on writing the sequel to Little Dead Man and publishing that in late Fall.

Jake: How has that novel been doing?

Jake: Slow sales, but great reception. I’ve heard from several people that have read it that they loved it and can’t wait for more. I have a feeling sales will pick up now that all those kids got ereaders for Christmas.

Jake: Cool. So, overall, how many manuscripts will you produce in 2013?

Jake: Little Dead Man 2. At least one novel for one pen name and at least two more for the other. I could even do three or four, depending on time. Plus the DEAD MECH graphic novel script.

Jake: That’s a lot of words.

Jake: I could do twice that if 2013 is nice to me and I end up writing full time.

Jake: Could that happen?

Jake: Fingers crossed, man. Fingers crossed.

Jake: Any other news?

Jake: Plenty, but I’ll save it for another post.

Jake: Fair enough. I guess that’s all?

Jake: That’s all.

Jake: Cheers!

Jake: Right back atcha.

Jake Bible lurvs to write. He lurvs it, he lurvs it, he lurrrrrrrrrrrrvs it!

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