Friday Night Drabble Party!

Is it Friday already? Most excellent!

Welcome back to the Party! You know the rules: read the drabble, love the drabble, add to the drabble. Friday Night Drabble Party isn’t just about me anymore, yo! Get your 100 words down in that comments section and party-icipate!

Do eeeeet!



He Laughed


Jake Bible

He never feared the Darkness nor the creatures that lived in it. For millennia he watched and waited, his shadow but one amongst many.

He listened, unable to see because of the Darkness, and he heard. He knew when the time would be right. He knew when the opportunity would present itself.

So, unable to be held back any longer, he leapt from the Darkness and into the Vessel.

“It’s a boy,” the doctor pronounced.

The new parents were overjoyed. The baby was their miracle child. They had such dreams for him.

He saw that and he laughed.

He laughed…



Disclaimer: I do not, nor have I ever, condone infant possession. Just saying.

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