Friday Night Drabble Party!

Okay, so Heyes and I have been having a good time with the Party each week. So why aren’t you?

What is it gonna take to get y’all involved? A contest? Or, I guess, I should probably promote the Party better. That could be it. Give me your feedback, folks. Let me know what you’d like to see with the Friday Night Drabble Party that would entice you to participate. I hate to hog all the Party, yo!

But, that aside, let’s move on to tonight’s drabble. You know how it works. Read it below and then add your part in the comments section. Don’t forget to double check your word count!



Not A Happy Man
Jake Bible

Carrington Belmont was not a happy man.
He didn’t love his job, his wife, his car, or even his dog.
Carrington would just stare and stare at his work for hours, going through the required motions of  feigned normalcy.
So Carrington decided to end it all, that life was no longer worth living.
Unfortunately for the rest of the humanity, Carrington was a microbiologist.
And not a very good one.
So when Carrington’s Folly wiped out half the world, he was pretty disappointed.
Especially since he had an unknown immunity to the virus.
Carrington Belmont was not a happy man.



Now it’s your turn!

Disclaimer: If you don’t count your words then you can’t have any pudding! How can you have any pudding if you don’t count your words?!

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  1. “Well, it figures.  Why would this go like I’d want it to?” murmured Carrington .

    “At least I don’t have to listen to that intolerable woman run her mouth anymore.   Listen to all that constant babble coming out of her mouth that amounts to gibberish as far as I was concerned.  Her and that damned Yorkie.  That little beast was either trying to bite me as I walked by or trying to hump my leg.  God I hated that little bitch dog.”

    “What to do now?  I’ve got rid of most of my misery.  No wife.  No job.  No dog.”

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