Friday Night Drabble Party!

Oh, hello there, Friday! Glad to see ya!

And I’m glad to see all of you here for another Drabble Party! Welcome, welcome. Leave your coats by the door and grab a beverage. There’re snacks in the kitchen.

All settled? Excellent.

So we have had another Party goer join the fun. Welcome to Frailey! I dig the additions to the drabbles.

I know I had said way back that I’d comment on drabbles that were added to the Party. I have decided not to. I quickly realized I’m not a critic. To each their own is how I see it. I think just having the guts to put your 100 words on the website is good enough. No need to get all subjective on the drabble itself.

So come one, come all! Time to get your Party on!



Back With A Vengeance


Jake Bible

“NOOOOOO!!!” Manny shouted as the first bullet tore Terrance’s forehead apart. Chunks of skull and thin strips of skin exploded into the misty morning air. A fine spray of blood floated on the slight breeze.

Manny dove under the Valiant he and his brother had been struggling to restore. More bullets flew through the air and followed Manny, ripping wide holes in the Valiant’s blood stained primer gray.

“Who are you?” Manny screamed.

“A shadow from your past,” a woman’s voice replied. “You remember that night, right? Should have killed me.”

“Dear God…,” Manny whispered, knowing he was already dead.



Oh, and if you haven’t heard, I have decided to walk away from podcasting. Check out the post I dropped yesterday for more info.

Disclaimer: I do not, nor ever have, condoned the destruction of classic automobiles. No actual Valiants were harmed in the writing of this drabble.

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