From Dead Mech To Dead Mic- Interview with the Dead Robots Society

Howdy, ya’ll!

I had a great interview yesterday with the Dead Robots Society about my decision to leave podcasting. Goes into more depth and detail than my blog post last week.

Have a listen if you get a chance!

From Dead Mech To Dead Mic


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  1. funnist podcast episode I have ever listened to, but you have kinda confused me. Are you finishing the Metal and Ash audiobook or not?

  2. just a thought. you podcasted Dead mech and got alot of feedback/ downloads/ and in a round-about-way $ then you podcasted The americans and all the feedback/ downloads/ and in a round-about-way $ dried up. so what happened? lets line up the two podcasts and compare. dead mech, you write the novel. the americans, you write the novel. check and check. you podcast the novel. dead mech, check. the americans? check. feedback/ downloads/ and in a round-about-way $ dead mech, check. the americans? no check. ok. so what happened? dead mech was a good story, the americans was too. so whats different? what happened? (snaps fingers) i know! send the podcast to PODIOBOOKS! marooning your podcast at your website completely abandoned all of those potential customers that you would have otherwise seen on your website. word of advice. you want to get your work out to all those potential customers? know this. we’re lazy. don’t make us come and find you. come find us. we’re at podiobooks. trust me. there are plenty of people waiting for the next chapter of
    dead mech.

    • Man, I wish it were that simple. But there are a ton of factors between the release of Dead Mech and then The Americans. The major shift was that the world changed. Ebooks came along. That and the fact that when I launched Dead Mech there were a fraction of the podcasts/free audiobooks out there than now.
      I truly wish it was the Podiobooks issue, but that doesn’t explain the difference in audience from The Americans to the first few episodes of Metal and Ash. That information there was the big eye opener for me.
      And no matter what the data is, releasing on Podiobooks means putting in more time to free auidobooks. And, out of everything I have said, the lack of time is the number one reason I stopped podcasting. I just don’t have the time to put into podcasting. I have to use my time wisely and the podcast isn’t the wise way.
      Thank you for the input though. if things change then I can always revisit the podcast down the road. Cheers!

      • i get your point. all the same, the americans is a complete audiobook. honestly if you wanted to create some buzz, put yourself in the spotlight, what would it hurt to post it on podiobooks? i mean, what’s the downside? its free on your website with iffy traffic. post it to podiobooks and its free, with markedly more traffic.don’t hide a van gogh under your bed.

      • Time. The downside is time. It isn’t like adding an attachment to an email. There is a LOT of work to producing an audiobook on Podiobooks and that’s just if everything goes right. I understand what you are saying, but my experience has shown me that free audiobooks do not lead to sales. And right now I only have time to focus on projects that do lead to sales. Audiobooks are part of the plan, but down the line and not for free. Sorry. 😦

  3. you know? you’re right.while not mutally exclusive, free media doesn’t create much incentive to buy. all the same i’ll miss you reading your stories. some authors who choose to read their own work can make listening a real chore. but i found youre narration to be nothing short of entertaining. have you thought of audible?

  4. not for nothin, but i bought metal and ash about two months back. powered through it in a day and a half (minus sleep) loved it. *SPOILER* like game of thrones the characters that you’ve grown accustomed, familiar, inured, and comfortable with over the previous novels are not safe. there were many “aww man!”, “jesus, REALLY?!”, and “aww fuck me” moments and i thank you for those

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