Friday Night Drabble Party!

Here we are once more, my friends. Friday. Night. Drabble. Party.

You ready to rock some 100 words? I know you are!

As always, feel free to join in by adding your 100 words worth of goodness in the comments below. Time to get your drabble on!


Oh, and wait, just a heads up that starting March 30th the Party will be put on hold. Why? Oh, you’ll see. I have a big announcement to make on Monday and Fridays will be taken up for at least the month of April with other goodness. You’ll dig, I’m sure.



They Said


Jake Bible

Her breath came in ragged gasps as she struggled to keep moving, trying to doge the shards of broken glass that littered the floor and tortured her bare feet. She knew if she could just get out of the labyrinthine old building she would be safe. But she had been running, walking, staggering for what seemed like hours.

“It’s not haunted, they said,” she whispered to herself, terror pushing her to the edge of madness. “It’ll be fun, they said.”

“But they died,” a voice growled behind her.

“Yes, they did,” she sighed, ready for the cut of the blade.


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