The Next Way To Publish- Natural Born Cyborgs and Chrome

Howdy Folks!

So on Friday I droped some pitches on ya. Nice, tasty pitches. I also read the pitches and will be dropping them into my podcast feed all week. Today’s are Natural Born Cyborgs and Chrome.

You can listen here Natural Born Cyborgs and Chrome

Or you can read them again below! Be sure to spread the word and feel free to ask questions or comment.


Natural Born Cyborgs-
The techno-virus used by the Three hundreds of years ago has mutated and combined with BC (biochrome) to create a generation of natural born cyborgs- part biorganic metal, part human. Society decides these Splicers, as they are called, are too dangerous to let live and rounds them up for extermination. Those not found must hide their true natures and fight for their lives. And the lives of those yet born.
Set in the same universe as DEAD MECH, but hundreds of years after the events in the Apex Trilogy, Natural Born Cyborgs is the first in the Splicer Wars series of novels that introduce the world to the new MechPunk style of science fiction- raw, unrelenting, brutal, and shiny.

Stone and Reginald are back. The two bioborgs (organic metal cyborgs with human consciousnesses) from the Apex Trilogy are now in the Mexican Empire and refusing to get along with anyone or play nice. Sucked into a world of drugs, violence, greed, and corruption, the partners, and former operatives for the Three, are pushed to their limits. Unfortunately for those pushing, Stone and Reginald have no limits. A high-action techno-thriller, Chrome continues the brutal, unrelentingly violent saga of two killers trained in the art of chaos and destruction.

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