The Next Way To Publish- PAIN and Stone Cold Bastards

Hello again!

Today I am posting my reading of  the next two pitches from the list of ten. If you haven’t read the pitches then have a listen. If you don’t want to listen then have a read below. Either way I’M IN YOUR HEAD! Or something like that.


Direct link to audio of PAIN and Stone Cold Bastards

Day is for the Unseen. Night is for everyone else if they want to stay alive.
But that is about to change…
In an alien landscape, humanity is forced to live at night and only the Coffin Men travel from settlement to settlement, bringing needed supplies, information, and entertainment. Pulling their massive iron Coffins behind them –their homes, their armories, their sanctuaries- these men brave the dangers of the night and fear only the Unseen of the day. But Coffin Men are never allies. They work for themselves and protect their routes with brutal finality, many times entertaining settlements with a no-holds barred fight to the death to see which Coffin Man will keep their territory or lose it to a new challenger.
Trained by his father, but left orphaned, Pain is known as one of the most ruthless of the Coffin Men, having raised himself from a young boy, pulling his Coffin on his own, developing the skills of a killer, trader, fighter, ambassador without help from anyone. When Pain hears whispers in his mind during his fretful daytime sleep, he realizes that the Unseen may no longer be willing to keep only to the day as they have for millennia. Something has changed. And Pain knows that if he doesn’t unite the settlements, and the Coffin Men, then humanity’s tenuous grasp on survival is over.

Stone Cold Bastards-
What if the Dirty Dozen were a crack team of gargoyles that must defend their Sanctuary against a raving horde of demon-possessed humans that want nothing more than the destruction of the entire human race and all that is good?
Yeah. That.
Stone Cold Bastards is set in a world where Hell has released every last demon and most of humanity is now a puke-spewing, blue-skinned, head-spinning mess. The last hope humanity has are a rag-tag team of gargoyles, come to life and ready for battle now that the End of Days is at hand. Do the gargoyles care that humanity is being wiped out? Not really. Do they intend to go defend those that are being brutally murdered and tortured? Not so much. Will they fight to their last carved claw to keep their Sanctuary, and everyone in it, from harm? Oh, hell yes they will!
Will they open their Sanctuary to a wandering gargoyle and the small child it says is the last hope for all? They haven’t decided yet. They’re thinking about it over bottles of whiskey. Come back tomorrow.
Action, violence, pulpy good fun is what Stone Cold Bastards is all about!

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