The Next Way To Publish- Big Box Blood Bath and Instinct

Is it Wednesday already? Then it must be time for another set of two pitches!

You can find the audio of me reading the pitches right here Big Box Blood Bath and Instinct

Or just read them below. This makes six down and only four to go then voting starts on Monday. Holy schmokes!


Big Box Blood Bath-
The world outside BigMart is gone.
No more.
Those left inside cannot leave.
Naturally, real estate is divided and factions are formed upon the concrete and between the massive shelves of foodstuffs and durable goods.
It’s men versus women, children versus the aged.
And every aisle for itself!
A gore-filled romp of Thunderdome meets The Mist all set in a Sam’s Club-style hell.

Peter Bremer is a man thrust into a world of brutal violence as he tries to help a friend escape the clutches of organized crime. Peter has never fired a gun, never held a knife outside of his kitchen, never been in a fight.
Never killed anyone.
But the man quickly finds out he’s good at all if it. Some might say he has an instinct for it.
Especially the killing.
Instinct is a non-stop thriller that puts Peter in harm’s way on every page. A race to the death, Instinct pulls zero punches and will leave you breathless as Peter Bremer discovers, and must come to terms with, his true nature.

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