The Next Way To Publish- PoDLanD and Backyard

Step right up, folks, for an earful of novel pitching goodness!

Below you will find the link to my reading of the second to the last set of two pitches for the Next Way To Publish project. Have a listen (or have a read below if your listeningness isn’t up to speed).

Just click here for some audio-awesome PoDLanD and Backyard


In The Retail States of America, the PoDs are everything. School, shopping, dining, and work are all done in the PoDs. Why go outside? Why ever leave a PoD? PoDs are life!
But for Customer Service PoD Captain First Class Huxley Moore, the world tips upside down and Huxley finds himself, and his two other ComPoDres, flung out into the Wildz.
Literally flung. Like their PoD was picked up and thrown out into the Wildz. Well, not really. More like a major system malfunction that activates their PoD’s escape protocols. Either way, not good.
Now Huxley, and his ComPoDres, must drag their PoD through the Commune, the Coast, the Cascades, the Columbia, the Cartels, and the Capitol, in order to get back to the Customers they have sworn to protect and serve.
Join Huxley in this science fiction satire as he fights his way back to his life in PoDLanD and discovers some truths along the way.

“Some things insist on coming back inside, even when you’ve put them out back forever.”
The Reardons have moved from their shattered lives in Chicago to a small, old, family farm in the rural mountains of North Carolina. They struggle to pick up the pieces after their son and daughter are killed by a drunk driver. Now an only child, eight year old Abby must cope with a father that blames himself, a mother that has checked out with booze and drugs, and a new life on a farm with a sinister past. And a deadly future.
Backyard is a classic horror story harkening back to such greats as Ghost Story and The Shining. It tells the tale of a young girl that is for all intents and purposes on her own in an unfamiliar setting that would love nothing more than to have her join the things that live (or not) in the backyard forever.

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