The Next Way To Publish- Time to vote on the TOP THREE!

Welcome to the Top Three novel pitches! These novels fought their way through the first round of ten and have come out triumphant! But, as you know, THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

So vote below and on Monday the 22nd of April I will announce the winner and that will be the novel I write next!

But, before you vote, know this: I am letting people see the results as they happen this time. This way when you vote you will know what title is in the lead. Not the one you want? Then rally others to come and vote! Sway them towards your personal preference, make them see it your way, bring them into the light! In other words get your mom and cousin Nora to vote. It’s free.


Natural Born Cyborgs
The techno-virus used by the Three hundreds of years ago has mutated and combined with BC (biochrome) to create a generation of natural born cyborgs- part biorganic metal, part human. Society decides these Splicers, as they are called, are too dangerous to let live and rounds them up for extermination. Those not found must hide their true natures and fight for their lives. And the lives of those yet born.
Set in the same universe as DEAD MECH, but hundreds of years after the events in the Apex Trilogy, Natural Born Cyborgs is the first in the Splicer Wars series of novels that introduce the world to the new MechPunk style of science fiction- raw, unrelenting, brutal, and shiny.

Big Box Blood Bath
The world outside BigMart is gone.
No more.
Those left inside cannot leave.
Naturally, real estate is divided and factions are formed upon the concrete and between the massive shelves of foodstuffs and durable goods.
It’s men versus women, children versus the aged.
And every aisle for itself!
A gore-filled romp of Thunderdome meets The Mist all set in a Sam’s Club-style hell.

In The Retail States of America, the PoDs are everything. School, shopping, dining, and work are all done in the PoDs. Why go outside? Why ever leave a PoD? PoDs are life!
But for Customer Service PoD Captain First Class Huxley Moore, the world tips upside down and Huxley finds himself, and his two other ComPoDres, flung out into the Wildz.
Literally flung. Like their PoD was picked up and thrown out into the Wildz. Well, not really. More like a major system malfunction that activates their PoD’s escape protocols. Either way, not good.
Now Huxley, and his ComPoDres, must drag their PoD through the Commune, the Coast, the Cascades, the Columbia, the Cartels, and the Capitol, in order to get back to the Customers they have sworn to protect and serve.
Join Huxley in this science fiction satire as he fights his way back to his life in PoDLanD and discovers some truths along the way.

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