Friday Night Drabble Party!

The Party is back in full swing, y’all! So grab yourself a tasty Friday Night beverage and get ready for some serious 100 word action!

Okay, well, maybe not too serious…

But! Before we get into the drabble, how’s about we talk about Natural Born Cyborgs? I know ya wanna!

The votes have been tallied and Natural Born Cyborgs is the novel you folks want me to write next. I am pretty stoked about it and have already started getting notes in order to build this new world that rose from the ashes of the Apex Trilogy. Gonna be fun!

Don’t know what I am talking about? Then click right…HERE!

Pretty cool, eh?

So, on to the drabble then! And don’t forget that– Whoa, hold on! I almost forgot to talk about the runner up in the voting. The mighty Big Box Blood Bath! BBBB got half the votes that NBC got, but it did have a rabid following cheering it on. And it’s a pretty cool story! Which is why I believe I will turn it into a serial!

Yes, you heard me, a serial!!! I added a couple exclamation points for emphasis. I plan on pitching to Amazon to see if it can be a Kindle Serial, but even if they don’t pick it up I’m going to move forward. There are pluses and minuses to both ways. I will keep you all posted!

So, in addition to any continuations of tonight’s drabble, feel free to give me your thoughts on BBBB as a serialized story down in the comments section. You know how I love input! And exclamation points! !!!



All Have Our Place
Jake Bible

The manacles weren’t too tight or too loose, but just right.

“Are you going to eat your gruel?” Stu asked the other prisoner, watching the maggot filled mush with greedy eyes. “I do love Thursday’s gruel. Just a hint of rancidity, but not quite fully off yet. Not like Sunday’s.”

The other prisoner didn’t respond.

“Right then… Never mind,” Stu sulked. “Keep it. I don’t care.”

They were silent for a minute then…

“I don’t really miss the sun,” Stu offered. “Or the wind. I like it here. You?”

“Shut it,” the man croaked.

“Right… Sorry… So… About that gruel…”



Disclaimer: No maggots were harmed in the making of this drabble.

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