Friday Night Drabble Party!

Again I bring the Party to your eyeholes via bits and bytes! Viva la internet!

So, in addition to tonight’s mighty, mighty drabble, I also have some other 100 word goodness for you!

I just published two new ebooks! The first is One Foggy Night: A DEAD MECH Prequel Short, a short story (yes, made of drabbles!) that sheds some light on the origins of some of your favorite DEAD MECH characters. Have a read! Oh, and it has been in and out of the Amazon charts for the past couple of days. Buy that $.99 sucker and let’s see if we can keep it in the charts!

Hmmm, that gives me an idea. I bet some of you would like to hear this story. I’ll make y’all a deal. If we can get this short story into the Top Ten of any category on Amazon then I will record it and release it for free! How does that sound?

The other eBook is C-Notes: A Collection of 100 Drabbles. This guy compiles some of the Friday Night Drabble Party drabbles as well as others I have written over the years. You get 100 drabbles all in one collection! Have a looksee and get your bad self a copy!

Now, how about tonight’s drabble?



Jake Bible

He tore open the box and the bag and didn’t even bother with a handful, just tipped the bag up and let the crunchy goodness fill his mouth. The cereal was beyond stale and probably moldy, but he really didn’t give a shit.

It was the first food he’d eaten in six days.

It took all of his willpower to set the cereal aside and not stuff himself sick. He looked longingly at the box, but knew he had to make it last. He didn’t expect to outlive the radiation sickness, but he didn’t want to starve to death either.



Disclaimer: I got 99 problems and 100 words ain’t one of ’em.

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