Friday Night Drabble Party

I think Thursday and Saturday are getting jealous. They’ve been giving Friday the stink eye. Well, all I have to say, is that they can get their own damn Drabble Party!

100 words of hot Friday action is coming your way!

No chitter. No chatter. Just gettin’ right into the drabbley goodness you’ve come to expect on Fridays.



The Real World
Jake Bible

The bills piled up and the creditors didn’t even bat an eye at the lies he told.

“Can’t you reason with them?” his wife asked. “They have to know we aren’t the only ones in this mess.”

He didn’t bother to respond, his thoughts busy plotting his next move. Legal means had been exhausted; so it was on to other means. Any means, really. Any means at all.

By the time the police caught up with him he had secured enough cash to get them out of their problems. But he’d really just traded one set of problems for another.



Disclaimer: Any “alleged” crimes committed in the writing of this drabble were purely for “research” purposes. Yeah…research…

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