Friday Night Drabble Party!

While you are reading this I will be drinking beer and playing bocce ball. We’ll debate later who has the best deal.



Jake Bible

“Turn, flick fingers like such, grab crotch, and PRESTO!” Harmon shouted, the spell book open before him, his unimpressed cat looking on unimpressed.

Nothing happened.

“Damn!” Harmon yelled. “It should have brought forth a freakin’ djinn! I want my three wishes!”

“300,” a voice said from behind him. “You get 300 now. Inflation.”

“Holy crap!” Harmon squeaked as he spun about and came face to floating face with Garbnocturamis, the world’s greatest djinn.

“World’s Greatest should be capitalized,” he suggested.

Sorry, my bad. The World’s Greatest Djinn.

“Better. Now, let’s move on to those 300 wishes,” Garbnocturamis said to Harmon.



Disclaimer: I am not too lazy to write a longer introduction! I just have beer and bocce on the mind! Sheesh!

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