Friday Night Drabble Party!

Friday has risen and it is hungry for Drabbles!

Good thing I have one for it tonight. You’ll be able to read it below before it is devoured.

I also have many more drabbles for Friday in the form of One Foggy Night: A DEAD MECH Prequel Short. This is currently free on Amazon! Go get yourself a copy. Have your friends, family, neighbors, enemies get a copy too! If we get it into the Top Ten of any bestseller list on Amazon then I will record it and put it in the audio feed. That means you can buy it and not even have to read it yourself! ALL FOR FREE! What a country!

So get to that.

And now for tonight’s Drabble…



The Problem
Jake Bible

The split up the backside of her jeans wasn’t the problem; being larger than most girls she’d split her seat plenty of times before.

The entire cafeteria laughing wasn’t the problem; she’d dealt with that many times.

The laughter by the football team, especially her secret crush, wasn’t the problem either; he was the star quarterback and she knew she never had a chance.

The building rage that boiled over and turned into a blinding, murderous wave of energy wasn’t the problem; that was pretty cool, actually.

No, the problem was: what would she do with all the bodies?



Disclaimer: At no point do I condone mass murder by telekinesis.

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