Friday Night Drabble Party!

Here it is, another Friday, another Party, another fantabulous Drabble!

I know you missed me last week, but I was busy doing this!

You like? Great!

Now how about some 100 word fiction? Oh, yeah!



Jake Bible

“You’d think with his complete lack of empathy, Carlton wouldn’t be so torn up,” Mungle said as he watched his co-worker writhe on the floor in anguish. “It’s just a hedgehog.”

“You shouldn’t have stepped on it,” Timmons responded. “It was his first pet.”

“Get a hold of yourself, man!” Mungle shouted.

“Percy! PERCY!” Carlton cried out, his hands trying to rip at his close-cropped, blonde hair.

“Ok, I’ve watched enough,” Timmons sighed. “Hand me the RPG. I want to double check it before the plane lands.”

“Will do,” Mungle said, shaking his head at Carlton’s antics at their feet.



Disclaimer: Do I have to say it? No actual hedgehogs were harmed in the writing of this drabble.

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