Friday Night Drabble Party!

Here we are again, folks! Another Friday, another Party, another Drabble!

Huzzah to the hu and the zzah!

Hey, see that mock cover to the right? The one that says Natural Born Cyborgs? Have a click and pre-order that puppy! I’ve been working on the outline and story and soon there will be some updates for y’all! But be sure and get in early.

Now to the drabble!



In A Flash
Jake Bible

“It steals your soul,” whispered Alyse. “That’s what my priest says.”

“That’s crazy,” Wilma said from the corner of her mouth, trying to hold her smile. “Now shush.”

“But what if it does?” Alyse asked.

“Please don’t move or talk,” the man behind the large box said. “It will ruin the photograph.”

“Hush,” Wilma warned. “Be still.”

The flash was almost painful and Alyse shook her head while blinking her eyes repeatedly.

“Is that all?” Wilma asked. “When can we pick it up?”

“Give me three days,” the photographer said.

“Do we pay now?” Wilma asked.

The photographer just smiled.



Disclaimer: At no point am I saying Glamor Shots will steal your soul. But I’m also not saying it won’t. Just saying.

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