Friday Night Drabble Party!

Hello, Friday, my old friend,

I’ve come to talk to you again,

In visions softly- Oh, wait, sorry, got caught up there for a second.


That better?

So, as I write this, I am strangely in one of the most productive writing times of my career. Seriously. I am averaging 5,000+ words a day without breaking a sweat. And the words are coming easy. EASY!

The difference? New genre. Actually, I’m not sure “genre” is the right word. It is interesting.

But, anyhoo, let’s get on with the drabble!



Frayed Laces
Jake Bible

The bleachers were empty; the crowd gone for hours. William sat alone, his hands folded in his lap, his breath mist upon the cold. With every exhalation he felt a little less himself; a little less there.

“She’ll come back,” Randall said as he sat down next to William. “Won’t she?”

William shook his head, looking at his muddy sneakers and frayed laces. He’d been meaning to get new laces every time he was at the store. He lifted his head up and looked at the October clouds float by the barely visible stars.

“No,” William finally replied. “She won’t.”



Disclaimer: Angst! It smells like teen spirit.

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