Friday Night Drabble Party!

Welcome back to the Party, y’all!

If you have a look around you’ll see I did some rearranging of the website. Gotta get all professional looking, ya know what I mean?

Speaking of professional, I will be at the Asheville Comic Expo tomorrow (Saturday 21st) from 11am to 7pm. I’ll be selling and signing books, handing out gruesome goodies, and just chatting it up with fans and readers and other professional artistic type peoples. You should come by. Seriously. Do it. Come by. DO IT!

But what you’re really here for is tonight’s Drabble, right? RIGHT?

Then let’s get to it!



Uncooperative Passengers


Jake Bible

“Fifteen seconds until reentry,” Computer said. “Please prepare all passengers for landing.”

Flames enveloped the hull as the vessel hit the upper atmosphere. Computer made all the calculations required to shield the occupants.

“Reentry complete,” Computer said. “Adjusting course for Home Base. Please remain harnessed until further instructed.”

Computer banked the vessel and came in at the correct speed  and trajectory to land safely, setting the vessel down with only a minimum of disturbance.

“The Company thanks you for your service. You may now disembark.”

Computer waited.

“You may now disembark.”

The skeletons strapped into the harnesses refused to answer.



Disclaimer: Purchase of ticket does not constitute Company’s agreement to keep you alive. Please read all Terms and fill out the mandatory Will before boarding.

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