Friday Night Drabble Party

The first Friday of October! Oh, let the Party begin!

I do love this month. Halloween and my birthday. I turn the big Four-Oh this month. Forty years of awesome! You know what else is awesome? The Friday Night Drabble Party! It’s true! And this month, each Friday will have some type of horror element. Not precisely Halloween themed, but close enough for horseshoes and beta releases.

So get to reading this week’s Drabble!

(PS- If you’re shopping for my birthday I prefer bourbon. I also like hats. I’m a bald man turning forty, so yes, I will wear them with irony.)



A Snapshot of Violence


Jake Bible

The teeth flew from his mouth like streamers from a New Year’s Eve cracker. Bits of enamel like confetti; spittle like glitter. His head rocked to the side, all slow-motion and drama. Sweat exploded from his damp hair, spraying across the wall, filling the space between the splatters of blood. His legs went weak, his knees buckled, his hands reached behind him for something steady, something solid, substantial; the opposite of his mental state. He couldn’t open his eyes anymore; he couldn’t see the next hit. Or the next one. Or the next. Then, thankfully, it was over and done.


Disclaimer: I call them crackers, you call them poppers, either way they still go boom and spray paper and crap everywhere while making the dogs hide under the table.

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