Friday Night Drabble Party!

Well, here we find ourselves again, slave to the Drabble and the Party that it spawns!

Oh, woe to the readers and writers of micro-fiction, for it is they that keep the world boxed in 100 word segments!

For the time of Friday Night Drabble Party is at hand! Glory be to the words that are neither 99 nor 101!

Okay, I’m done.

Tonight I’m going old school with this drabble.



An Ode to HPL


Jake Bible

He knew if he waited they would show themselves. He had heard them in the wall, crawling and scratching. The rats.

He had the landlady, Mrs. Controu, place her ear to the wall, but she insisted there was nothing. Nothing? The gall of that woman! He heard them! Heard them even as she offered up her false denial!

She was a part of it, he knew. She had set them to torment his life, to plague him with their scratching, to steal his sleep.

So he waited in the wall; waited for them to come.

But they were not rats.



Disclaimer: When dealing with vermin, please consult a professional.

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