Friday Night Drabble Party!

It’s the Friday Night Drabble Party!

Possibly the only thing to get me past the post-Halloween blues. Most people get that day after Christmas depression, but that’s my wife’s birthday so we keep the party rollin’. That means in our house the depression comes on November 1st instead.  The day after Halloween should be a holiday. It helps kids get past their sugar hangovers and adults get past their Halloween party hangovers. Make this a law now! NOW!

Or just read this week’s drabble!





Jake Bible

“Wind speed?” Heller whispered.

“Twenty knots,” Mitchell replied. “South by southwest. Countdown in three…two…one…break.”

The shot was fired and hit its target perfectly.

By the time the bodyguards knew which way to look, Heller and Mitchell had broken down their hide and were heading to the extraction point. They had five minutes, tops.

The buildings were old and derelict, but still occupied. Heller and Mitchell watched every window, every doorway. The extraction point was just ahead.

Mitchell stepped out first then went down. Perfect head shot. The bullet ripped apart any chance of him realizing the irony of his death.


Disclaimer: A sniper’s life is always intense.

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