Friday Night Drabble Party!

Friday. Night. Drabble. Party.

Read those words, think upon them, embrace their meaning and learn from them. FOR THEY SHALL RULE THE WORLD!

Or not. Whatever. It’s Friday and I’ve got a drabble for you.





Jake Bible

The bony finger beckoned, curling in on itself again and again, as the hand withdrew into the tall weeds and high grass. Little Teal’s pig-tailed head was barely level with the top of that grass; even on tip-toes she couldn’t see who the finger belonged to.

She watched as the finger receded, her eyes wary and careful. Mama had said to go outside and play in the backyard. But she also said not to go with strangers. Was this a stranger? Was it a neighbor?

She didn’t know. The only way to find out was to follow.

Which she did.



Disclaimer: Teach your children well.

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