Friday Night Drabble Party Returns!

The Party is back, bitches!

Did you miss it? Have you been jonesing for your 100 word fix? Getting that itchy feeling under your skin? That pressure behind your eyes? That gnawing hunger that even the largest meal won’t satisfy? Yes? Then you got problems, yo. It’s just a drabble.

Ha! What am I saying? It’s not just a drabble, it’s a Drabble Party!

But, before we get into the fiction, how’s about I mention a couple things going on?

First, I have a new writing advice blog series up called Views From The Captain’s Chair! Because I write in a captain’s chair. Which is cool. It’ll be a weekly post where I dispense my views on certain aspects of the writing life. Whether it’s about agents or contracts, genre writing or “literary” writing, writing on spec or taking assignments, I’ll give my two cents and let readers in on how I’ve handled things. Kinda cool.

Second, I am a novel writing machine. My new sea monster novel, Mega, has been released this month by Severed Press. Next month will be Z-Burbia 3: Estate Of The Dead. March is Dead Team Alpha– a military/zombie post-apocalyptic action/horror thrill ride. April is AntiBio which is a near future, post-antibiotics, apocalyptic nightmare. And May is Mega 2. After that? Oh, there will be plenty, trust me. So make time and room in your life for some serious Jake Bible Fiction!

Now, on with the show!





Jake Bible


“You made coffee?” Desmond said.


Lilly set the two mugs down on the bedside table. “Oh, don’t act so surprised.” She handed him a cup. “Drink. I’ll be right back.”


She headed to the kitchen and waited a minute before going back up.


“How’s the coffee?” she asked as she picked up the second cup and took a large sip, her eyes watching Desmond. “Felling alright?”


“Fine,” he said as Lilly took another drink. “Oh, the cup you handed me was yours. Mine has the chip in the handle. See?”


Lilly swallowed hard, knowing it was her last in life.


How was that? Satisfy that craving? Scratch that itch? Well, I hope so. Don’t worry, folks, there will be more next week!


Disclaimer: Always make your own coffee.

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