Friday Night Drabble Party!

And here we are, another Friday, another Drabble, another Party!

Speaking of parties, how about that new blog of mine? Views From The Captain’s Chair! It’s like the Love Boat meets Crossfire! Uh….no, no, it’s not. But it does have some good writing advice! Check it out!

Speaking of boats…

Mega. Get it. Crazy, awesome fun!

And now to our Drabble!



Shortening Won’t Do


Jake Bible


“Time to make the donuts,” Harold said.


He crawled out of bed, put on his slippers then made his way downstairs to the kitchen.


Coffee on.


Flour. Sugar. Milk. Water. Salt. Eggs. Yeast. Lard… Lard?


Crap. No lard.


Harold sighed and went to the pantry. He had to have lard; shortening wouldn’t do.


He turned on the light and bent down, lifting the trap door recessed into the floor.


Down the ladder, search the shelves…there! Lard!


“Please…please let me go,” the voice whispered.


Up the ladder, shut the door, off with the light.


“Time to make the donuts,” Harold said.  



Disclaimer: Mmmmmm, sprinkles….

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