Friday Night Drabble Party!



Let’s see, what mood am I in tonight? Scifi? Horror? Fantasy? Pulp crime? Hmmm…

Guess you’ll just have to read the drabble to find out!

But, before you get all drabble-reading and shit, how’s about you go get yourself some Mega? It’s on a Kindle Countdown Deal all weekend long! $.99 FTW!

And now, on with the show!



A Violent Precursor


Jake Bible



The baton slowly slid from out of Hester’s sleeve. She watched the men around her, waiting for them to notice the threat.


But none did; they never do. Why would they take a woman seriously?


Hester’s eyelid twitched, a violent precursor, but once again this was something the men didn’t notice. She was only a young female, dressed in a tattered, mud-covered dress, her hair in tangles, blood trickling from her brow where she was smacked by one of the men.


“You’re pretty,” a man said.


“You’re dead,” Hester replied.


The violence began.


They really should have taken her seriously.



Disclaimer: Seriously?

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