Friday Night Drabble Party!

Welcome to the Party!

Before we go into the 100 words of AWESOME, how about I announce a couple of things? Yes? No? Maybe?

Tough, I’m doing it anyway.

But, before I get into that I want to thank everyone that helped spread the word about the Kindle Countdown Deal for Mega! Your help pushed Mega into the Top 10 on the Amazon Horror chart! It may not still be there when you are reading this, but it was a great run. If you want to see the current ranking then clickety click right here MEGA!

Now, on to the announcements!

First, and this is super exciting, I get to announce the release of Z-Burbia as an audiobook! Professionally narrated and produced, this puppy is great! If you miss my audio fiction then this is for you! It’s currently only on, but it will be up on Amazon and iTunes soon. I hope you dig it!

Last, and certainly not least, is the release of Z-Burbia 3: Estate Of The Dead! Oh, hell yeah! This novel closes out what I call the “Asheville Arc” so be sure to grab it up and have a read before I move on into the next stage of this crazy fun series. I have quite a few novels to write (including Mega 2!) before Z-Burbia 4 comes out, so better get your taste now while you can!

There’s plenty more to announce, but I’ll save it all for a new post. Time to rock some drabbletastic fiction!



Family Squabble


Jake Bible


“Put it down, Louis,” Candi says, her hand rocky steady, the barrel of the pistol she grips an unshakeable eye. “Put it down and walk away.”


Louis grins, his own pistol just as stable, and shakes his head. “Not gonna happen, dear.”


“Are we going to stand here all evening?” Candi asks.


“All night if need be,” Louis shrugs.

“Mom? Dad?” Barry calls from the porch. “When’s dinner?”


“Later,” the two adults say.


Barry sighs and goes back inside.


“When’s dinner?” his sister asks.


“Who knows?” Barry replies. “They’re fighting.” He looks at the kitchen. “Want popcorn while we wait?”



Disclaimer: Think of the kids!

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