Friday Night Drabble Party!


Words about drabbles or something. <insert joke> Then get serious. Then mock own seriousness.

Pimp my next novel!


Use the word “anyhoo”.

Say “Enjoy!”.

Move on to drabble.


I Think That Would Help


Jake Bible



“Come closer, children,” the man said, his eyes twitching with malice, his lips pulled back to reveal two rows of toothless gums, blackened and dripping pus.


“Ummmmm….I don’t think so,” the girl responded, looking to her friends. “You’re pretty freakin’ gross, dude.”


“Am I?” the man cackled. “Perhaps it is you that are gross with your smooth skin, your youthful glow, the way your bodies fight gravity with muscle tone and health?”


“No, it’s you,” the girl replied.


“Yeah…you’re right,” the man nodded. “I really should go gluten free. Do you think that would help? I think that would help…”


Say “Cheers!”

Disclaimer: <insert something semi-witty that vaguely relates to the night’s drabble>

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