Friday Night Drabble Party!

The Party is back this week!

No traveling for me, just the same old editing, writing, editing, writing. There may be some eating and speaking with other human beings thrown in there, but no guarantees. I don’t like to commit to those things too far in advance.

Hey! Want to know how I cook up a novel? Then read this week’s Views From The Captain’s Chair!

Or just read the drabble below! Whatevs…

And don’t forget my latest novel, Dead Team Alpha, is out. Gore, violence, military action, zombies, weird blind cults! It’s the post-apocalyptic bomb, yo!



Plushy Little Secrets
Jake Bible

“Kill him!”

“No, that’s insane.”

“But he saw us. He saw us.”

“Dudes, I’m just here to pick up your cable box. Don’t kill me. I won’t tell anyone. I promise I won’t.”

“Kill him now!”

“We can’t do that. We just can’t.”

“If we don’t kill him he’ll tell everyone what he saw. He’ll tell the whole world and we’ll be the latest news meme, man. We can’t let him go.”

“What we did is one thing, but murder?”

Terry looked at the defiled Care Bears plushies on the living room floor and sighed.

“Fine. Get me a knife.”



Disclaimer: I don’t know. Does anyone actually read this?

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