Friday Night Drabble Party!

It’s a Friday! It’s a Night! It’s a DRABBLE PARTY!

No shillin’ this week, it’s all drabble! Unless you want to get AntiBio, Dead Team Alpha, or any one of my awesomeness in novel form here!

Now, on to some drabble!



Don’t Look Back


Jake Bible


He slides across the oil-slick parking lot, his feet exhibiting impaired minds of their own as they choose different directions at random times. Sweat pours off of him, the sun pounding his bare shoulders, building more blisters upon the ones that have already burst and scabbed.

The sounds around him nearly drive him mad, but the will to survive keeps him from giving up.

Even though it’s all fixed.

The crowd cheers as something new is sent after him. He hears a roar and the scraping of large claws on the concrete.

He doesn’t look back, just keeps sliding.





Disclaimer: Keep calm and <insert something blah blah>!

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  1. Hmmmm, what is this? Drabble Party thing? Can you elaborate?

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