Friday Night Drabble Party!

There’s a Party goin’ on right here! Time for some free, free, free micro-fiction!

And I know that’s how you like your micro-fiction, you cheeky bastards. You like it free.

Know what else is free? No, I’m asking you. I like free stuff too.

But until we find all of that free stuff, you should totally check out some of my latest novels for sale!


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Oh, and if you are a writer, or like reading about publishing, then check out my latest Views From The Captain’s Chair blog post. I explain why the $.99 price point for novels is not doing anyone any good. Oh, and I just found out that AntiBio is on sale this weekend for $.99! It’d be ironic, except that I explain the promotional good of $.99 in the post.

Now, on with the free, free, free micro-fiction!



Only The Good


Jake Bible

“When you sell your soul, son, there’s always a catch,” the old man said, lifting the glass of whiskey. He had to use both hands to keep from spilling the too infrequent liquid friend. “No way around the catch.”

“There’s got to be a way to trick him,” the young man replied, pouring another double for the old man. “There’s got to be.”

The old man looked deep into his glass then up at the young man, yellow eyes boring into the youth.

“You don’t trick the trickster,” the old man sighed. “Trust me. I was supposed to die young.”



Disclaimer: Never shakes hands with some horned thing that wears a snazzy suit and say you are jesting.

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