Friday Night Drabble Party!

Hey there! Have you heard the good news? There’s a Drabble Party going on!

And not just that, but there also be books and shit!

There’s the Mega audiobook! The Mega 2: Baja Blood novel! And Z-Burbia is on sale for only a couple more hours at $.99! Click a pic below and get you some goodness!







Now on to the drabble!





Jake Bible


Each drip of blood sounded like cannon shot as it hit the granite floor. DripBANG! DripBANG! DripBANG!

But Lola wasn’t paying attention to the blood; there was so much of it that she’d forgotten it was even there. She let the sword clatter to the floor –clangclackspluch– and limped her way to the old stairs.

So many steps. Lola could barely hold her head up, let alone find the strength to climb stairs.

When they found her halfway up, it was said she looked like a sleeping babe, newly birthed and covered in mother’s blood.

But it wasn’t mother’s blood…



Disclaimer: Watch that first step! It’s a doozy!

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