Friday Night Drabble Party!

It is that time again, folks!

48hr Film Project!

Yep, every year I work with Team Long Shot to make an 8 minute film in just 48hrs. It’s a blast! Didn’t catch our Audience Award winning entries from last year and the year before? No worries! Click on the Screenplays tab above or just click HERE!

It’s going to be exciting to see what genre we get this year! By the time you read this I will be neck deep in screenwriting. Crazy, man, crazy.

But you’re not here for cinema, you are here for free micro-fiction. So let’s get this Party started!



Jake Bible

Ten little birds sitting on a wire. They peck and chirp, small, black beaks in constant motion. Wings flutter, tiny bodies twitch and hop.

The flames hit them faster than they can protest.

Ten little bird corpses littering the road. Their feathers scorched, bodies baked, beaks nothing but blackened nubs of keratin and bone. Empty eye sockets, jelly boiled from their heads.

The boots scrape pavement, soles long since worn through to the cracked and blistered skin inside. A toe nudges an avian corpse and it stirs, life still struggling within; no corpse after all.


The boot crashes down.



Disclaimer: These boots were made for stompin’.


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