Friday Night Drabble Party!

Another Friday is upon us! LET THERE BE DRABBLE!


Sooooooo, how’s your week been? Mmm-hmm… Right… Really? With Kevin? You don’t say… Oh, now that’s just lazy.

Anyhoo, my week has been good. I’ve been writing the hell out of Reign of Four: III. That medieval space fiction is some fun stuff! Y’all are gonna dig it when it comes out next year!

Know what else you’re gonna dig? A drabble!

Let’s get to it!


Exclamation points!



Not In A Row


Jake Bible


“I just sign?” Victor asked.

“On the dotted line, baby,” Mr. Hob grinned. “Then you get to live a million days.”

“No tricks, right?” Victor frowned.

Mr. Hob snapped his fingers. “Nope.”

Victor hesitated then pierced his fingertip and signed.

“There,” Victor smiled. “Done!”

He stood there for a second then grabbed his chest and collapsed.

“What…?” Victor gasped.

“Right,” Mr. Hob smiled. “I never said the days would be in a row. Hopefully you wake up before they bury you.”

Mr. Hob walked off, a skip in his step, a whistle on his lips, another soul in his pocket.




Disclaimer: Don’t go down to the crossroads and try to flag a ride.

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