Halloween Night Drabble Party!

O! M! G! It’s Halloween AND the Friday Night Drabble Party!

Got to calm down, got to calm down, got to- HALLOWEEN! I love it, I love it, I love it!

Know what else I love? Dead Mech on sale for $.99! (Segue for the mofo win, yo!) If you haven’t read my zombies/mechs/zombies in mechs mash-up then go spend a dollar and get you some seriously fun post-apocalyptic goodness! Clicky linky here!

Oooh, wait, there’s more! And this novel is actually Halloween themed! Be sure and check out Intentional Haunting, my latest release. It’s Teen horror, so kinda a mix of John Green and Stephen King in that classic Jake Bible style y’all love so much! Clicky another linky here!

Now, how’s about we get on with the Halloween drabble?



The Darkness Thirsts


Jake Bible


“Who dares summon me?” the Devil asked as he appeared in a puff of smoke in the center of the abandoned church.

“It is I, Master!” the man in the robes replied. “Your humble servant and-.”

“Sweet. Get me a latte from Starbucks, servant. Whole milk, two shots of vanilla. No cinnamon or nutmeg. NO CINNAMON OR NUTMEG!”

“Uh…uh…yes, Master.”

“God, I love Halloween,” the Devil sighed as the robed man hurried from the church and out to his Prius. “Free lattes rock.”



Disclaimer: If the Devil asks you to get him a latte, don’t get the two shots of vanilla. The guy is diabetic and in denial. Don’t be an enabler.

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