Friday Night Drabble Party!

YO! It’s Friday Night! There be a Drabble in this Party!

Not only is there a drabble, but there’s a link to the newly released Mega 3: When Giants Collide! Let’s see that beautiful bean footage!

Mega-3-ebook-coverYeah, baby! Ain’t that pretty! Feel free to clickety clik that pic and go get ya some Team Grendel! Hooyah!

Now, on to the drabble!



Pitiful Creature


Jake Bible

“The interesting thing is how the creature reacts to various stimuli,” Dr. Roberts said. “Observe.”

The doctor threw a lit bag of feces into the cage.

“Dude!” the creature shouted. “What the hell, man? Is that poo? Why the hell are you throwing flaming poo at me?”

“It has become irritated,” Dr. Roberts observed. “It uses it’s primitive language to express that irritation.”

“Irritation? Dude, I’m pissed! That’s gross!” the creature exclaimed.

“Now, let’s see how it reacts when we expose it to raw uranium,” Dr. Roberts said.


“Pitiful,” one of the observers said. “So pitiful.”



Disclaimer: NO URANIUM!


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