Friday Night Drabble Party!

Aaaaaaannnnnnnd IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-eeeeee-IIIIIIIIIII-eeeee-IIIIIIIIIIII will always love Draaaaaaaaabbbbbbblllle! Will always love Draaaaaaabbbbbblllle! Will always love-. No, wait, put the shtogun down! NO! PLEA-!

*annnnd scene*

Thank you, thank you. Yes, that was my musical/dramatic interpretation of Quentin Tarantino’s The Drabbleguard.

Happy Friday, Mother F$*&ers!

Soooo, how’s it going? Ready for some free micro-fiction? Well, then let’s get to it!



Major Break


Jake Bible

The microphone was kicked from the stage as the pop star moved forward, her face passive, serene.

The crowd screamed, their eyes wide with horror and disbelief as their idol turned on them, came at them.

Another shot rang out and another. The blood spray covered the first two rows of spectators as security guards collapsed, and the screams intensified, doubled, tripled. More shots. Again and again. More blood.

The pop star jumped off the stage and rolled, taking aim at the crowd once again. She emptied the magazine, so glad to finally give in to the madness. So glad.



Disclaimer: Gargle. Always gargle.


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