Friday Night Drabble Party!


I would like to warmly welcome you back to another Party! Help yourself to some Drabbles and don’t be self-conscious if you read some of the backlog. Binging Drabbles is good for one’s health! SCIENCE!

Just a little heads up that Z-Burbia 4: Cannibal Road is now in audiobook form! Click away and get your copy at As soon as it’s up on Amazon and iTunes, I will let ya’ll know.

Now to the drabble!


The Foul Things
Jake Bible

Carlos hated pickles. Dill, sweet- he couldn’t stand the foul things.

So, to be trapped in a convenience store with pickle juice dripping off the shelf onto his head, while being shot at, was the ultimate insult.

“Come on, Carlos! We don’t have all day! Give us the food and we’ll just go our separate ways!”

Carlos hated that voice as much as he hated pickles.

“Bite me, Lyle!” Carlos yelled. He refused to tell the man that there was no food left, just disgusting pickles. The principle of post-apocalyptic scavenging had to be upheld. “Go raid somewhere else!”



Disclaimer: You’re a disclaimer!

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