Friday Night Drabble Party!

It’s the first Drabble Party of February!

This has zero significance, but I am a sucker for any reason to use an exclamation point!

Sooooo, how’s y’all doin’? Ready for 100 words of pure magic? I know you are!



Nothing Ever Good
Jake Bible


They were dragging him. They were dragging him through the wet grass and across the field. That he knew.

He tried to roll his head to the side to see who had him by his left arm, but the paralytic, he assumed it was a paralytic, wouldn’t relinquish control, so his head merely hung backwards, the back of his skull bonking across the clods of earth and grass.

Chanting or singing or incanting or whatever began and he knew he was totally screwed.

Nothing good ever came from chanting or singing or incanting or whatever.

Then he felt the flames.




Disclaimer: Careful what you drink.

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