Friday Night Drabble Party!

It’s that time of the week again!

No, not kale juice colonic time. How man times do I have to tell you that those are Thursdays? Get a calender, people. Sheesh.

Nope, it’s Drabble Party time!

Nothing really to announce tonight before the drabbletastic storytelling begins. But, hey, if you feel like clicking one of those links up above then please do so. Before or after you read the drabble. I don’t mind. Links get lonely too, you know. They need love just as much as every other digitally inanimate object.


Now, on to the drabble!



Keep Saving
Jake Bible

With every word reproduced came pain.

Immeasurable pain that engulfed Elizabeth’s body, from her finger tips to the ends of her scorched, brown hair. Yet she knew she had to keep copying the scrolls, get their contents down before the ancient documents burned to a crisp.

The tablet glowed blue, but the light fought against the reflections of the flames that consumed the tunnel, consumed what was left of the abbey.

“I can do this,” Elizabeth coughed as the smoke began to fill her lungs, almost as painful as the flames that ravaged her skin. “Just keep saving. Keep saving.”




Disclaimer: Sometimes stop, drop and roll just won’t cut it.

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  1. Another authot wanted to know what we were reading this weekend so of course I said The Mega Series by Jake Bible. I didn’ t say for the 3rd time. 🙂

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