Friday Night Drabble Party!


It’s time for another Party! Time for more 100 word goodness! It’s Friday!

And, while I have you hear, how’s about we chat a little about In Perpetuity? I know ya want to.

In Perpetuity is my latest novel, a military space opera romp set on a training station that orbits Earth. There’s plenty of action, blood, guns, spacefighters, sex, foul language, aliens, intrigue, sabotage, and plasma rifles. PLASMA RIFLES!

If you have a spare moment, and you’ve read In Perpetuity, then hop on over to Amazon and give that puppy a review. I hate to ask, but the unfortunate reality is that reviews help with rankings and rankings help with visibility and visibility helps with sales. It’s a shitty chain reaction that makes me feel dirty just writing about, but dems da breaks, right? Right.

Okay, enough shilling. How’s about a drabble?



Really Small
Jake Bible

Small people. Really, really, small people.

“Uh, hello?” you call out. “Are you real?”

They answer you, their itty bitty mouths moving, but their voices are so small, so tiny, that you can’t hear them. It’s like a far off squeak from a porch swing a few blocks over.

“Can you speak up?” you ask. “I’m having a hard time- Ow! Hey!”

They speak up, all right. They speak up with tiny pistols and tiny rifles, sending microscopic bullets at your face.

“Stop that!” you yell. “Stop!”

They do not.

Your boot ends it all in a sad, anticlimactic way.



Disclaimer: Dems da breaks.

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