Friday Night Drabble Party!

It’s Thursday!


Yep, I am writing this on Thursday. Why? Because I am Odin’s Son, Thor, the God of Thunder!

No, actually it’s because I am heading to World Horror Con 2015 down in Atlanta. I say “down” because I live in Asheville, NC. Atlanta is below me!

While you read this, I’ll be at the author mass signing at the convention. Sitting there with amazing authors, all lined up and signing our books together. I am going to sign all of mine using the name Shecky Dark. It’s funny AND scary!

But, just because I am hobnobbing with the horror elite doesn’t mean y’all don’t get a drabble! Huzzah!



Stubborn Bastards
Jake Bible

“Finally, we meet,” the Shadow Master said.

“Yes, we finally do,” Lord Malk stated, his confidence at an all time high due to his ingestion of the Herb of Wuppass. “Come at me, Shadow.”

“I think not!” the Shadow Master laughed. “You come at me!”

“Uh, no, you’re supposed to come at me,” Lord Malk replied. “Seriously. Come at me.”

“Not sure where you’re getting that,” the Shadow Master said. “Why do I have to start the fight? Because I’m evil? As if.”

The two opponents, destined to stand and face each other, continued that way for eternity.

Stubborn bastards…



Disclaimer: It’s just an honor to be nominated!


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